Noemi Pareja

It’s not a coincidence that you are here. 

If you seek your inner truth, want to heal yourself on a deeper emotional level, and need guidance and assistance in beginning this journey, I want to help you.

You are a Spiritual Being, Having the Human Experience. Your Soul is your Internal Guidance System; it holds the blueprint of your life and the Inner Wisdom you know to be accurate. 

Your Intuition helps translate and convey your Spirit’s messages to your logical mind so it can comprehend and take action.

 Life experiences, conditioning, patterning, and ego can cloud our truth.  Yet, you can develop, grow, and trust that quiet inner voice through..

  • Energetic healing
  • Understanding your Emotions and Feelings
  • Re-framing your Mind

Doing this can fulfill your Soul’s Purpose in this lifetime.

This is my work as an energetic and spiritual healer. I guide souls ready to find their way home by utilizing their gifts, talents, and abilities. I’m a facilitator, a vessel for the Creator to use to help you heal and become your True Self. 

You enter the Medicine Wheel to recover, retrieve, and call back your power. I’m here to support you, hold space during your journey, and provide love, trust, and safety. 

Sat Nam means “Truth is My Identity.”  Our work is sacred and connected to the Divine.

Begin, Friend.


The services provided by Noemi within Satnam Wellness are intended to follow the medicine wheel of life: South-healing of the body, West-healing of the mind, North-healing of the heart, and East-soul’s purpose. You begin in the direction that calls you, and she meets you there to help guide you along the path. Tap the Direction below to view its specific services. 

South - Healing of the Body

Fusion Massage

Fusion Massage is the Ultimate Combination of unique modalities that can be utilized to create a profound wellness experience for your individual needs. It can include Pre-Natal, Chakra Balancing, Sound Healing, and Guided Meditation for balanced Relaxation. Ayurvedic Massage, Table-Top Thai, and Sacred Hawaiian Lomi Lomi can open up energy in the body, restore the heart, and bring clarity to the mind. Luxurious treatments such as Shirodhara Oil Scalp Massage and Reflexology Foot Treatment can be added for immediate sleep and stress relief. Possibilities are endless; we can work together to create the perfect journey for your mind, body, and spirit. Safe for Pregnancy – Min. 12 weeks.

60 MIN – $105
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75 MIN – $135
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90 MIN – $160
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2 HOUR – $210
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Shamanic Healing Massage
Experience Profound Energetic Healing while Connecting to your Highest Self through a Channeled, Personalized Shamanic Meditation Journey, Intuitive Massage, Shamanic Reiki, and Chakra Illumination. Drums, Rattles, Crystals, and other Vibrational Instruments will be used during this sacred service.

75 MIN – $125
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90 MIN – $150
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2 HOUR – $200
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West - Healing of the Mind

Somatic Reiki Healing
Somatic Reiki Healing combines Shamanic Counseling, Somatic Breathwork, Grief/Trauma Release Techniques utilizing Vibrational Therapy with Sound Healing and Shamanic Reiki for energy balancing, healing and restoration. Each session is tailored to each individual and may include specialized Shamanic practices such as Chakra Illumination, Cord Cuttings, and Soul Retrieval. We Strongly Suggest Mental Health Counseling in combination with this service.

75 MINS – $125
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90 MINS – $150
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North - Healing of the Heart

Private Sound Bath Meditation

Want to Experience a Customized Sound Bath Meditation for you and a small group? Book our sessions at a day/time that works best for you. 


Friday Night Group Bath Meditation

Unwind, relax, and balance your mind and body with this powerful meditation session complete with live instruments, guided visualization, mantras, breathwork, essential oils and crystals. Please bring a pillow to feel comfortable while you restore inner peace.


East - Discover Soul's Purpose

Reiki healing is a peaceful and relaxing session. You traditionally lie face up the entire session, and unlike a massage, you will stay clothed, so it is best to dress comfortably to allow the energy to flow. There is little discussion beyond your intention so that your body, heart, mind, and spirit can integrate energies throughout your healing. The wisdom of universal reiki energy is that it knows what you need, so if you relax and surrender, your subtle bodies will receive it.  

60 MINS – $90
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Shamanic Healing Journey
Shamanic healing is an elemental approach to restoring energetic balance to your whole being. The element of fire strengthens your Divine connection. The element of air, brought in with essential oils, effectively processes your conscious needs. Water gets to the depth of your emotional center, and the element of earth is how the body participates. Rattling and drumming are shamanic techniques used in this session.   

60 MINS – $120
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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing popularized in Japan and brought to the West. It is palm-healing, using the hands over or on the body to transfer Universal Energy from the Source (Creator, Universe, God, etc.) to the receiver to encourage emotional and physical healing. The laying of hands with the intention of healing is the oldest medicine that has ever been recorded. It is activated by the Heart, fueled by Faith, and Received by the body, mind, and spirit for holistic care.

    What is the Medicine Wheel?

    The Medicine Wheel, a symbolic circle of time, is our life’s journey with four directions representing different aspects of our being. 

    • South, represented by the Serpent, is about learning to shed our past like a serpent sheds its skin. We release the old stories, paradigms, and limiting self-beliefs that have kept us tied to our wounds and transform them from sources of suffering to power and compassion. 
    • West, represented by the Jaguar, is a warrior who has stepped beyond fear and dives deeper into ancestral patterns and cultural conditioning to free us to serve the highest good of humanity. 
    • North, represented by the Hummingbird, explores sacred teachings and finds community in gatherings such as Healing Circles and Ceremonies to connect to our highest and authentic selves. 
    • East, represented by the Eagle/Condor, brings forth the vision of the overall big picture through meditation and dreaming of the world into being through pure awareness and intention.