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Massage Therapy

Satnam Massage

Our Signature custom massage combines intention, intuition, and various modalities unique to your selected practitioner. Medium to Firm pressure is utilized without any deep tissue techniques and can include a variety of additional supportive tools and treatments such as tuning forks, vibrational instruments, Ayurvedic garshana exfoliation, Kansa wands, Shirodhara oil scalp massage and therapeutic foot scrub and massage. It is your experience; choose what resonates within your spirit. Safe for pregnancy-min. 12 weeks.

60 Min: $90

75 Min: $120

90 Min: $145

2 Hour: $175

Satnam Deep Tissue Massage

Our Deep Tissue service is geared for individuals wanting to experience both our Signature massage and Deep Tissue techniques in selected body areas. Deep tissue requires communication between practitioners and clients to ensure comfort while dissolving tension and rigid adhesions within the tissue. Practitioners will utilize supportive tools such as Cupping, Percussion Massage Guns, Gua Sha, and Assisted Stretching for Deep Tissue work. Additional treatments such as Ayurvedic garshana exfoliation, Kansa Wands, Shirodhara oil scalp massage, and therapeutic foot scrub and massage can be included with your service. Safe for pregnancy-min. 12 weeks.

60 MIN: $100

75 MIN: $130

90 MIN: $155

2 HOUR MIN: $190

Satnam Healing


Reiki healing is a peaceful and relaxing session. You traditionally lie face up the entire session, and unlike a massage, you will stay clothed, so it is best to dress comfortably to allow the energy to flow. There is little discussion beyond your intention so that your body, heart, mind, and spirit can integrate energies throughout your healing. The wisdom of universal reiki energy is that it knows what you need, so if you relax and surrender, your subtle bodies will receive it.  

60 Min: $90

Shamanic Healing Journey

Shamanic healing is an elemental approach to restoring energetic balance to your whole being. The element of fire strengthens your Divine connection. The element of air, brought in with essential oils, effectively processes your conscious needs. Water gets to the depth of your emotional center, and the element of earth is how the body participates. Rattling and drumming are shamanic techniques used in this session.  

60 Min: $120

Sacred Wellness

Private Sound Bath Meditation

Want to Experience a Customized Sound Bath Meditation for you and a small group? Book our sessions at a day/time that works best for you. We can create a specific intention, provide guided visualization, and choose sacred instruments to support your session best.

Mats, Bolsters, and Blankets are included.

60 Min: $100

5 People
(Can be reserved for less than 5 PEOPLE)
$100 for 5 people or less

Each additional person is $20 each – 10 total

Mobile Sound Healing & Shamanic Services

Are you interested in private Sound Bath Meditation, Somatic Energy Healing, and Shamanic Services such as Journeys, Retrievals, Cord Cuttings, and Breathwork experiences for a group, event, or retreat in Lakeland or outside cities?

We provide this service. Owner Noemi Pareja and her team can travel throughout Polk County and the neighboring cities of Clearwater, Tampa, and St. Petersburg to provide these customized experiences.

Contact us at 863-225-2920 to learn more!

$100 per hour for one practitioner

$200 per hour for two practitioners

Travel Fee: Outside of Polk County is $50+